Daryl Teo

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Who Am I?

I am a Hacker

There are very little things that I love doing more than diving head-first into code. I write code in many different languages, and play with the newest tools and frameworks that are always being developed by the community.

I am a Engineer

Writing code is one thing, solving problems is another. And there is nothing I find more annoying than a problem that is unsolved. This constantly drives me to think of ways to provide solutions to customer needs.

I am a Contributor

I use a great variety of tools that have been developed by enthusiastic professionals all over the world. It is only fair that I also contribute to such projects that have the potential to change the processes and tools of our craft for the better.

I am a Teacher

More important than just creating tools is the imparting of knowledge to future generations of developers and engineers. Through my work, I deliver and develop training material to students so that they may be better prepared for the future.

I am a Student

I do not claim to know many things, let alone everything. While I do readily pass on the knowledge I possess, I also constantly strive to gain knowledge to improve myself.


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